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Women's health night in Livingston, NJ

Dr. Jessica Bente Speaks at Women’s Wellness Night at Barnabas Medical Center

Livingston Chamber of Commerce sponsored a Multi-Chamber Women’s Wellness Night on March 22nd at Cooperman Barnabas Medical Center. This event invited all with an interest in women’s health and wellness. During the event, Dr. Jessica Bente delivered an informative presentation on women’s health sharing her extensive expertise and experience. Dr. Bente has credentials which include PharmD, Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist (BCPS), Board Certified Geriatric Pharmacist (BCGP) and Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support Experienced Provider (ACLS) from American Heart Association.

Multi Chamber women's wellness night photos


Dr. Bente provided invaluable insights about changes in women’s health as they age. She spoke of the role of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), and she explained about the safety considerations surrounding commonly used supplements and herbal products.

Women experience various changes as they age, including changes in the body, digestion, neurology, and pelvic. For instance, percentage of body water, muscle atrophy, thinning of skin, and also there’s a decline in bone density. Additionally, she mentioned about decrease in short term memory and decline of quality of sleep.

She also evaluated the safety of dietary supplements and herbal products that many women take for their health. For example, ginkgo biloba may be used for dementia and eyesight. But, it may come with side effects such as headaches and upset stomach. Also, raw or roasted ginkgo seeds can be poisonous, so caution is advised. Furthermore, she added that when taking multivitamins and supplements, one should be careful not to over-consume.

Visit the Cooperman Barnabas Medical Center in Livingston, NJ for more information.

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