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Jespy House

Jespy House
What We Do

South Orange-based JESPY House is a non-profit organization that has supported adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities for over 45 years. Clients, age 18 and up, are guided in various areas along their journey to independence and leading fulfilling lives. JESPY’s philosophy is to promote self-direction, choice, and independent community living. Clients come from across the country to build lives in a community they can call their own.

In conjunction with clients and their families, JESPY works to break down communication and physical barriers they may have experienced to ensure that all clients have access to opportunities for full inclusion and advancement in their undertakings.

To that end, JESPY continuously advocates for the rights of those with disabilities; works to increase public awareness surrounding disability issues and concerns; and disseminates essential information and support to assist clients and their families in making informed choices about their lives and their future.

76 South Orange Ave., Suite 205, South Orange
ZIP Code
New Jersey


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