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Michael J Brown Law Office LLC

Michael J Brown Law Office LLC
What We Do

Michael J Brown Law Office currently advises businesses in the following industries:
- Apparel
- Cosmetics
- Toys
- Dental Products
- Financial Services
- Food Products and Processing
- Content Publishing
- Luxury Goods
- Personal Care Services
- Software Development
- Technology Service Providers
- Industrial Manufacturing
- Restaurants
and many more!!

This practice is the result of more than two decades of experience working with companies of various sizes as well as individual entrepreneurs and inventors, helping to identify, develop and protect many different types of intellectual property assets.

We focus on assisting clients with intellectual property protection, including registration of patents and trademarks with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and registration of copyrights with the U.S. Copyright Office. We also assist with registration of patents and trademarks outside of the U.S., utilizing a network of law firms around the world.

We also handle trademark, trade dress, patent, design and copyright litigation in U.S. Federal courts, domain name arbitration under the Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy, and advise on business transactions such as licenses, mergers, acquisitions and financing involving intellectual property assets, and trade secret and confidential information protection.

We are very familiar with the needs of start up businesses and have helped many businesses with essential agreements needed at the beginning phases, such as inventor and employee agreements and nondisclosure agreements.

(973) 577-6300
354 Eisenhower Parkway Plaza I, 2nd Floor Livingston,
ZIP Code
New Jersey


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