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Message from the Mayor of Livingston, New Jersey

So much excitement in Livingston in regards to our business community. As the Covid years are now behind us, we need to thank those businesses who served our community but did not make it and shuttered. Those were not good years for any businesses. 

The end of 2022 and into 2023, if you look at Livingston, you see new business openings, you see some businesses expanding, and others who are providing services to the community differently as a result of what they experienced during Covid.  

Right now the Livingston vacancy rate is very low. Businesses want to move here. The few empty stores you may see are either already rented and are just preparing for their grand openings. There is one location of vacant stores on South Livingston Avenue. This area has been designated as an area in need of redevelopment and plans have been submitted for housing above retail. This project could create a second downtown-like atmosphere.  

The town is trying to encourage the owners of the Livingston Mall to continue to attract new store owners and maintain the appearance – inside and outside- of the mall property itself.   

As Mayor, I am delighted that this year has been filled with ribbon cuttings and welcoming new businesses into our town.  

Much credit for Livingston’s success should be directed to organizations, like the Chamber of Commerce and the Livingston Business Improvement District (BID). These two organizations have provided much needed support to our existing businesses as well as welcoming and supporting new business.

It’s great to be Mayor this year and watch all the business progress.   

Michael M. Vieira
Mayor, Township of Livingston

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